Triad of Change

There are three elements to what is called the Triad of Change: Perception, Behaviour and Structure. If any two sides of this Triad are in congruence (meaning they flow with the same energy, or they hold the space available for the same activities, feelings, emotions, and actions), the third will fall in sync with those two. Often, the source of suffering in our lives is that we are existing with the elements of our individual Triads out of congruence. This Triad can be applied to every aspect of human life: symptoms, relationships, work, play, family, etcetera.

Perception means just what it sounds like: how you perceive the world, the situation, your body, etcetera.

Behaviour is the actions you take. How do you behave in your work, your relationship? How does your spine behave when you are stressed.

Structure can mean the structure of your body, the structure of your relationship, the structure of your house, the To-Do lists you put together before leaving the apartment, or anything in between and beyond. How does your body hold itself when it feels that it’s being attacked, and what emotions does that posture allow for? What are the rules of your relationship with your partner, and what are the consequences for breaking them.

Network Spinal Analysis exists at the corner of Behaviour and Structure, and Somato Respiratory Integration exists at the corner of Perception and Structure. By simultaneously addressing multiple sides of your spine’s Triad, we can create congruence and establish change with effects that can reach well beyond your symptoms.

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