” I am a 71 year old woman with many ongoing long-term health problems. Over the span of my life, I have had five heart attacks and have been on insulin for 30 years. Furthermore, I have lived with Poly-Neuropathy and muscle pain for 30 years and had a tumor surgically removed from my breast. Considering the range of my health complications, my medical doctor has not been optimistic with regards to my future health, however each time I see him he is astounded at my improved quality of life. I attribute this improvement to my health largely to Dr. Daniel Therrien and Dr. Jacqueline Chenier and their technique of Network Spinal Analysis. 

Following my breast surgery, I was experiencing severe chest and muscle pain. Dr. Therrien suggested that I try the cold laser therapy offered at the office and I am happy that I did! The pain was gone and after a few treatments I was virtually pain free. Since then I have continued to use laser therapy for a variety of other conditions as well. Furthermore, through their vast array of knowledge, kindness and professional care, my body seems to function better and I have significantly improved my quality of life. I no longer have to live in pain and for that I am so grateful to Dr. Therrien and Dr. Chenier. Although my old age is catching up to me and I am slowing down, regular visits to the office help me to manage my health and pain when it should arise. Prairie Chiropractic is a wonderful place and the staff are always kind and welcoming as well. I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the care of Dr. Therrien and Dr. Chenier. “


– Patty L 

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