Levels of Care

Each level of care can produce specific new neurological strategies in each client. This enables the individual to better adapt to the environment, make healthier choices, enjoy life to its fullest potential, and develop a healthier spine and body.

One can progress through levels and can revisit previous levels. This does not mean you are not progressing. It demonstrates that we have different aspects of our life that we are experiencing at different rates. The appropriate level is the one that matches with you.

Level One

This level is the beginning of your wellness path. Our purpose is to assist in increasing your overall awareness of your spine. A healthier spine is more flexible, adaptable, and moves more freely. In level one, you can achieve increased brain to body connection and develop strategies to release tension.

Goals of Level One:

  • Initiate spinal recovery
  • To teach the brain to find the body, detect tension, and increase ease of breath
  • Development of basic strategies for releasing stored and/or accumulated stress and tension in your spine


  • A full Respiratory Wave

Level Two

Advancing into level two is to enter into the mindset of transforming and refining. Our job during this stage is to address how the spine reacts and adapts to life stresses whether from an internal or external source. We clear out the chronic spinal distortion patterns to help your body and nervous system transform the trapped energy of your chronic distortions into fuel for your healing.

Goals of Level Two:

  • The connection between spinal regions
  • Identifying the relationship between stresses and symptoms
  • Identifying the relationship between breathing techniques and the release of tension
  • Changes in habits such as exercise, sleep, diet, relationships, etc
  • Consistently experience a Respiratory Wave


  • Spontaneous movements during an entrainment, which aid in reducing spinal tension
  • Rocking back and forth of the body or oscillation of parts

Level Three

Through the course of a wellness plan of ultimate accomplishment is to awaken and expand your life experiences and perception. During this level of care we aid in continuing to fine-tune your spinal and neural integrity. Also, during the entrainments positioning of your arms, legs, and torso are used to re-educate the nervous system to develop strategies for self-correction. The body is no longer experiencing the world through a defense physiology, the mind becomes more aware of tension and accepting to experiencing the world.

Goals of Level Three:

  • Experiencing the body and mind as one
  • Joints which were less mobile have noticeably increased in agility
  • Experiencing a need to make life changes, which support the wellness path
  • Identifying your experience as a Respiratory Wave or Somatopsychic Wave


  • Involuntary spontaneous spinal and extremity unwinding
  • Movement creating increased spinal stress and tension culminating into a large release of tension

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