Four Sacred Seasons

The healing process can be categorized into what we refer to as the Four Sacred Seasons: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. These are not goals to achieve, sessions to “get through,” or stages of life to avoid, but areas to learn and grow. Each season has gifts to give each of us, and should be accepted for what it is

Discover is categorized by the process of learning. Every child must discover how to hold up their head before they can stand and walk, and so too must each of us discover how we do stress (as it is an active process that we do) before we can learn to transform that energy into something more productive. As you connect to your body and release the tension within, it will develop a Respiratory Wave that brings peace and ease throughout your system. When you’re in the Season of Discover, you may find yourself with symptoms that you want to avoid and get away from, but the key to Discovery is to find out what message those symptoms are tying to tell you. You can’t escape your symptoms – only by receiving their gifts can you move through them into something greater. One of the most painful things we can do is exist in the Season of Discover, and not discover anything.

Transform is the season of change. Once we’ve learned how we do stress, we can then build the tension into fuel and utilize that fuel to take action. In Transform, we find our bodies moving in greater ranges, which can lead to feeling a greater range of emotions, which in turn lead to more actions. Out standards for what we accept from ourselves become raised and our lives can often undergo radical transformations. As you transform and refine the new strategies you have learned for utilizing your stress in productive ways, your body develops what is called a PsychoSomatic Wave, which busts through the stress and tension in your system and creates fuel for the changes that must happen in your life.

Awaken is the season in which we awaken to new possibilities and expand our awareness to not only include how our stressors, tensions, and actions can affect us, but those around us in our local and global communities. The waves you have developed in Discover and Transform will move forward in your body to encompass the heart, opening you to new possibilities of connection with those around you.

With the season of Integrate, we use the gifts from one season to drive the experience of another. For example, we can learn to discover new depths of our strategies of global interaction. Or we can make transformations to how our symptoms affect our lives.

Your individual journey through care may not be linear. One person may jump from Discover to Awaken to Discover to Transform and back to Discover, all in the course of one week. We aren’t in a race to the finish line, but on a path of learning. To receive the gifts of each Season, you must truly experience the season in which you currently live.

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