Beginning Chiropractic Care

How Does it Work?

Chiropractic is based on the concept of removing structural and postural imbalances to allow our body to heal itself. For this to happen, signals must be allowed to flow freely without any interruption from your brain down your spinal cord to the network of nerves. Chiropractors have the ability and skill to remove the interruptions or misalignments that prevent the body from performing as it was meant to.

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, played a sport, fell down, or just bumped into something too hard, it’s very possible that you are not functioning at your best due to a misalignment. While there are many potential mechanical or structural causes for misalignment, there are also chemical causes. For instance, if you smoke or drink excessively or even just have a poor diet, the chemical issues in your body can eventually cause underlying conditions and disease to appear.

Allowing a chiropractor to get you back on track both chemically and structurally will bring your body back to the proper state it should be in to perform at its peak.

Your First Visit

Going to the Chiropractor is a new experience for many of us. Maybe we’ve heard through a friend or have done some research online. Perhaps you are just fed up with living in pain and it’s time to do something about it. In either case, your first visit to the chiropractor will really be about getting to know the chiropractor and discussing your history, current condition, and goals.

As with any doctor’s visit, you’ll start by finishing some new patient paperwork. Upon meeting with the doctor, you’ll discuss your concerns and expectations as well as have the chance to ask any questions you may have. We will perform a series of computerized scans to determine what your current state is. Once this is complete, we will look at the overall results of our conversation and examinations. Together, we will come up with a plan of action that starts when you are completely satisfied and ready to begin the process.

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